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Product Series£º   DTRE58H
Outer Dia(mm)£º   58
Shaft Dia(mm)£º   6 , 8 , 9.5 , 10 , 12 , 14
Resolution£º   20-3600
Diameter Ø58mm Through Hollow shaft type


Incremental rotary encoder DTRE58H Series

Standard encoder DTRE58H series for industrial applications with high mechanical resistance requirements. Those encoders are designed to support high radial and axial shaft load and they can be mounted with flanges or servo-fasteners.


Major features

* Up to 3600 ppr
* Different output types available.
* Output cable. Cable connector available on request.
* Power supply : 5VDC, 10-30VDC ¡À5%
* Up to 3000 rpm speed rotation
* Several flanges available

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