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Product Series£º   DTAS50
Outer Dia(mm)£º   50
Shaft Dia(mm)£º   6 , 8
Resolution£º   6 - 13 bit

Diameter ø50mm shaft type Absolute Rotary encoder

Absolute encoders are capable to provide the correct data after a power-down event without needing to be reset to the zero point.

Max resolution: higher than 8.192 information per turn (13 bits). Max number of turns: 8.192 (12 bits).

*Compact size of external diameter 50mm
*Various output code: BCD, Binary, Gray Code(Option)
*Various resolution(64/128/180/256/360/512/720/1024/2048 /4096/8192 divisions)
*IP 65(Partial waterproof, Oil proof)

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